5 tips for feet fit for christmas!

5 tips to ensure your feet stay healthy for Christmas and into the New Year!

  1.  As the cold weather approaches avoid rapid changes in temperature in your feet. Rapid warming of cold feet can lead to spasm in the small capillaries leading to red/purple painful, itchy lesions on the toes.
  2. Try as much as possible to avoid wearing a court/ballet pump type shoe. These are invariably too narrow for your feet with no support to prevent toes becoming squashed into the top of the shoe with every step!
  3. It’s party season and the high heels will be on! But maybe wear a trainer type shoe and change when you need to!
  4. We have been in shoes/boots for a few months now and the hard skin will be building up. Nightly use of a urea based foot cream will prevent this, keeping skin healthy and crack free.
  5. With the darker months here it is important to keep up your levels of Vitamin D. This will keep the nails and so the feet healthy and strong. Lots of Christmas nuts and oily fish and long walks will top up D levels nicely!


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