Verrucae are actually warts caused by a (Human Papilloma) virus. The virus causes an increase in cell replication in the skin and a lump may appear.

Verrucae can vary in appearance and may occur as single or multiple lesions.

If the verrucae is positioned on the sole of the foot then it may become painful due to the build up of callus.

Being a virus they often spontaneously heal through the action of our own immune system.

In adults a Verruca can stay for a very long time and treatment will be indicated if they are painful or appear to be spreading to adjoining tissue.



  • Podiatry treatment involves the focal use of Salicylic and Monochlorocytic acid. This causes breakdown of verrucae tissue but limited breakdown of healthy tissue.
  • Four to eight visits in a five week period should bring about a complete resolution of symptoms.